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Projekt Revolution Tour 2004

"Time to get up"

My alarm went off at 7:30am, I set it a 1/2 hour early so I would get up in time, but after I woke up to shut it off, I knew I wasn't going back to sleep, today's the day. So I got my coffee, got ready and got to Dan's about 8:45am, like I told him the night before. Dan's still getting ready and in the shower. So after 1/2 hour of sitting around kicking his cat and watching cartoons on Nickelodeon, he's finally ready. I check the oil and the radiator, everything's good there, I even bring along a milk jug full of water just in case. We hit the road at 9:30am.

"Chapter 2 - A Long Journey Ahead"

We printed off the driving directions, and it was kind of simple really. Just head north up I-35 till you get to Minneapolis, take the interstates around Saint Paul, head east on 30, and you'll be in Somerset, WI. We were off to a good start. We're talking about stuff and before you know it, 2 hours go by. We stop to get gas in Northern Iowa, I bought some "breakfast tornadoes" for breakfast. Everything was smooth sailing all the way thru Iowa and into Minnesota. We stop at the first rest stop in Minnesota, and I got to say, Minnesota's rest stops are way better than Iowa's rest stops. I think the last rest stop we passed in Iowa was the one that didn't have any bathrooms, it was basically a parking lot on the side of the interstate. So anyways, we are at the rest stop in Minnesota, and there's some old guy behind the corner giving out information about stuff. I grab a Minnesota map, and Dan asks him about the traffic. The old man said it might be a little congested because of the construction, we think nothing of it and hit the road again.

"Left lane closed ahead"

I swear every state has to do their construction at the exact same time as every other state. Traveling into Minnesota did start getting congested, and we finally got about halfway from the border to Minneapolis when it happened. Cars slowing down really quick, and eventually to a stop. It was very slow going for a bit, and we saw like 3 cop cars go barrelin' by. Something bad has happened up ahead, but what? The rest of this part just plain sucked, basically we were at a stand still, bumper to bumper traffic, and it took us, swear to Buddha, 20 minutes to go one mile. It was ridiculous. By the time we got enough to see around the bend, we knew there was no hope in site. Traffic was all stopped for about a mile ahead, that's as far as I could see, so it could of been more. Then we started getting pissed, it was 12:30, the concert starts in one hour, and we don't want to miss anything cool. So Plan B, we jump on the shoulder and make a run for it up to the exit ahead. Of course, we were the last ones to think of this, so there was another long line waiting for us down there too. I grabbed the map and chartered out a course to the nearest divided highway that would take us up to Saint Paul, and back onto the interstate. So after about 1/2 hour of side tracking, we finally get back on the interstate and around that insane mess that held us up. I was upset because I KNEW something bad happened, but didn't get to see any blood or bodies.

"Let's see if my heart explodes"

Oh ya, I forgot to mention just how tired I was this whole day. I didn't get a lot of sleep, and before I left I drank my usual 1/2 pot of coffee, and that didn't help. On the road, I popped one of my No-Doz pills, and a few hours later, I couldn't feel it's effects. I also had a large Mountain Dew with my breakfast tornadoes. We stopped at a gas station right before the last leg, and I bought a Starbucks Double Shot, a large Nestle Crunch with Caramel, and another large Mountain Dew. I gluped down the Double Shot in no time, ate the candy bar, and had 1/2 the Mountain Dew down before Dan finally came out of the bathroom. "Let's see if my heart explodes", were my words. I was still tired after all that caffiene, and I was hoping this would help. Who wants to be tired all day at a concert?

"Concert parking ahead"

When we left the gas station till when we got the the concert, it was basically bumper to bumper again, but we didn't mind too much, we were close this time! We decided to park up close, and parking was $15. That just reminds me, Dan owes me $5, ya, like I'll ever see that money. Or did he pay me? I don't know...anyways...A long walk to the concert gates, a friendly pat down by security and we were in. Security just wanted to see what was inside my cigarette box, um cigarettes? Who is dumb enough to decide to sneak something in, and think putting it in with your cigarettes is a pretty sneaky spot? Dan says some security chick grabbed his ass when she checked him, but I didn't believe it. So we were in and cravin' that first beer. It was now 2:30pm, and we just spent 5 hours in the car to get there. Sign said $20 for 5 beers. So it's $4 a beer, if you couldn't add that up. They gave us 4 sheets of 10 tickets. We went to get beer, and it was only 8 tickets a beer! I asked, "Is this the cheapest beer place?", some chick said, "Ya, and the best looking one too". But in fact, it was the ONLY beer place. Sure there were a few more tents, but that was it. So we had a choice of either MGD or Lite. I hate both, but thought MGD would give me more bang for my buck, so I drank those.

"Do I know you from somewhere?"

We hung around for awhile, nothing was going on the mainstage, so we checked out the 2nd stage. Some band was up there and they were absolutely horrible. The guy couldn't sing at all. Hell, I could sing better than that! After a few more beers and a few more trips to the porta-potties, Dan recognized some girl he used to be in Army with. She was with a few guys, so we are hung out together. They were fun too. Now we had some other people to talk to and do stuff with around the concert. So we went around checking out places and drinking more and more beer. It didn't take too long before all my beer tickets were gone, and I was about the same. We went to the 2nd stage, and someone named GhostFace Killa was there, some rapper. Everyone was like eh, we'll see about this. Then some WHITE guy came out pimped out in nothing but Mets gear and started freestylin'. God this was horrible. I don't remember all his words, but one line was, "My guns too big for my holsta's". I turned around to my group and said, "Are these guys for real?". I thought it was a gag or something. So me and about 1/2 the audience left that area pretty quickly. Snoop Dogg was going to come out next, so we made our way to the main stage.

"Can I sit on your shoulders?"

Me and one of the guys were hanging out in the crowd, and Dan and the girl and the other guy made it way up to the front row somewhere, I don't know we lost them. So we were standing there waiting for Snoop Dogg and there was 2 chicks behind me, I asked them if they could see anything, of course not, because they were short and saw just people's backs. I told the cute one, "You should find a tall guy and ask him to put you on his shoulders". She replied, "Ya, and you're pretty tall". I thought no way, I can't do that. I'm drunk as hell, and the thought of having a girl sit on my shoulders would be a pretty dangerous situation in my opinion. But I was the dumbass that brought up the idea, so I decided to be Mister Niceguy. I squatted down, she climbed on, and as soon as I stood up, I knew this was a bad idea. Her weight didn't hurt too much, but standing still and straight up with her on was almost impossible. I wanted to put her down right away, but didn't want to look like a wuss. I saw a guy a few rows up with a girl on his shoulders, and I told myself, after he puts her down, I'll put this one down. I don't even know her name, but I know she's drunk, and bouncing up and down on my shoulders. I could hear my spinal cord just tweak under the pressure. And where the hell was Snoop Dogg? Still waiting for him. So eventually the guy in front of me put that girl down, Snoop Dogg still wasn't out, and I had this girl on my shoulders for about 1/2 hour. I eventually put her down, she thanked me and that was the last I saw her. Too bad though, she was pretty cute. But boy, I think I'll remember her when I wake up and feel the pain the next morning.

"Murder was the case that they gave me"

Snoop Dogg finally came out and put on one hell of a show. He sung a lot of his old stuff, and it was awesome. Everyone was singing along to some of his classics like "Nothing But a G Thang", "Murder was the Case that they gave me", and "Sippin' on Gin and Juice". After it was over, I told that one kid to stay still, and I was going to walk around and look for everyone else and meet back with him. Well, when I came back he was gone, and I was now lost. Screw it, get more beer, it will figure itself out. And it did, I found Dan again, but that was the last time we hung out with those guys, couldn't find them again after that.

"Ya'll want a single say f*** that!"

Korn was up next and I couldn't wait. Dan and I believe that Korn stole the show. They did an awesome job. Did some of their old songs from Follow the Leader, and a few newer songs. They also sung the "Ya'll want a single" song, and everyone went nuts over that. They ended up their routine with covers to Metallica and Pink Floyd. They had the words to the Pink Floyd song on the wall so we could sing along. We all did, but didn't need the words. I think it was there for the young kids who probably don't know Pink Floyd. They ended on a great note and put on one hell of a show.

"I'm breaking the habit tonight"

After an hour of waiting, Linkin Park finally came out. And at first their vocals sucked, but he finally got it under control. What I didn't like about Linkin Park's show was that since they have so much going on in their music, like guitars, keyboards, sound effects, they can't do all that at the concert. So about half of their music was prerecorded, and it just left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. The other half was live from the guitar's, but the 'background' parts of the songs were prerecorded. So they went on for awhile, and it was alright. At this time, Dan and I were sitting on the hill because we were getting tired and cold. It was chilly out, you could see your breathe by then. We ended up going down with the crowd towards the end of their show. When Linkin Park first said goodbye, we knew it wasn't the end. The ended up playing about 3 or 4 encores, it kept going and going. They did a great job playing a cover of "Wish" by Nine Inch Nails, that totally rocked. And their last song, they had Jonathan Davis from Korn come out and do some of the vocals with him. It was pretty cool, Jonathan sounded great. So Linkin Park was finally over, and it was time to find the car.

"I don't know where we parked"

There must of been a zillion people leaving the gates and heading out to the parking lot. We finally got out to the parking lot and must of spent 15 minutes looking around in the dark for our car. Dan said that he thought we parked up the hill higher, I said he was crazy and we kept looking. So I finally decided to try Dan's idea, and he was right, we had been looking in the wrong spot. So we got to our car and warmed it up. Everyone, and I mean everyone there was trying to leave at the same time. Cars were in every direction bumper to bumper, it was chaos. Dan said he wanted to wait it out and take a nap before we go. So we munched on our leftover chips because we were starving, and then I needed something to drink, but we had no drinks. I ended up taking a few drinks out of that milk jug full of water that I brought for the car, boy did that suck. So we fall asleep and wait for the parking lot to clear out.

"Enter the fog"

I wake up a couple hours later and Dan is driving on the interstate. The fog is absolutely horrible, and I swear we could only see like 20 feet in front of us. It was pitch black out and with that fog, seeing the signs on the road were impossible, so I didn't even know if we were going in the right direction or not. I could just see a deer come out or something and we would of never seen it in time, that didn't happen, but I could just see it happening. So I tell Dan that we should probably pull over somewhere and rest for the night, it was just too dangerous to drive. So finally after a few more hours, Dan finds a rest area and parks and we sleep for the night.

"6am Rise and Shine"

I wake up first and my body is completely sore all over. I make it to the bathroom and wash my face to wake up, and my eyes are completely bloodshot, so much so it was kind of scary. Dan does the same thing. We are now fighting off headaches and hangovers. So we finish the drive home. It was still foggy out, but this time we could now see about 50 feet in front of us. But the roads were bare, and it was pretty safe. We did hit a bird on the way home, and we got a kick out of that. It wasn't until we got half way into Iowa that the fog finally let off. We got to Dan's house, cleaned all our food wrappers out of his car, and I left in my car to go home. I had trouble driving, I was still tired and I bet I looked like a drunk person driving. But I got home, started typing this, said screw it, and slept for about 4 hours and I just woke up and am now finishing it.


So in conclusion, you missed out if you didn't get to go. hehehe. It was a great time and I would like to see more concerts up there. The drive was a real pain, but it was managable. If you are still reading this, I hope you enjoyed my story, because I wrote this for you. ;)


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