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01/27/08 -- SNES Mouse Mod

05/16/07 -- Pictureframe PC complete!

03/09/07 -- NINE Year anniversary for my stupid "djdingo" name!

02/04/07 -- Two year anniversary of!!!

12/19/06 -- switched providers to! Everything should work, If you find any bugs, be sure to let me know! Submit bugs.

11/19/06 -- Nintendo Wii released.

11/10/06 -- Network+ Exam taken. PASSED! scored 695-needed 554
I am now Network+ Certified!

11/08/06 -- How to make your own search engines for Firefox version 2.

11/03/06 -- The Macin-Clock is born.

10/26/06 -- My 29th Birthday.

08/05/06 -- Another party!

07/22/06 -- Half-Life 2 Episode Two page added.

07/02/06 -- The story of my first flight.

06/26/06 -- Trip to Virginia!

06/01/06 -- Half-Life 2 Episode One released.

05/19/06 -- Created tutorial for making customized search engines for Firefox.

04/20/06 -- Trip to Colorado!

04/11/06 -- Tomb Raider: Legend released.

03/30/06 -- Now have DSL at home along with Mediacom connection.

03/22/06 -- South Park Season 10 begins!

03/20/06 -- A+ Software Exam taken. PASSED! scored 803-needed 505
I am now A+ Certified!

03/08/06 -- EIGHT Year anniversary for my stupid "djdingo" name!

03/01/06 -- A+ Hardware Exam taken. PASSED! scored 679-needed 515

02/04/06 -- One year anniversary of!!!

01/20/06 -- Another party!

01/15/06 -- Eric's Parts for Sale!

01/05/06 -- How to speak "boonie", good times at Mediacom!

12/08/05 -- Last class at DMACC! ITNA is complete!

12/07/05 -- Drinking with cops!

11/27/05 -- PC Hardware for Sale updated! Buy my extra parts!

11/22/05 -- XBox 360 released!

11/21/05 -- New & Improved Blog added!

11/20/05 -- A collection of my favorites from over the years.

11/05/05 -- Mediacom's haX0r3d!!!1

11/05/05 -- Windows Antispyware renamed to "Windows Defender"

10/26/05 -- My 28th Birthday.

10/19/05 -- New South Park episodes begin!

10/08/05 -- Our first big party at the new house!

09/10/05 -- Moved to new house!

09/01/05 -- Why I will never ship thru USPS again! The story begins...

08/29/05 -- Back to DMACC for my last class ever!

08/11/05 - 08/21/05 -- Iowa State Fair

08/07/05 -- OzzFest in Somerset, Wisconsin CANCELLED till 9/10, NO!!!

07/22/05 -- Windows Longhorn is now officially called Windows Vista.

06/27/05 -- Start working at my new job, Tech Support at Mediacom!

06/07/05 -- Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC released!

06/05/05 -- Geek Test! Which file extension are you? Click here!

05/28/05 -- Mediacom is upgrading their speeds for everyone. From May 1st till August 1st, download speeds will be upgraded from 3Mb/s to 5Mb/s. If you power cycle your cable modem, you can get the extra speeds they have up so far. After I power cycled my modem, my download speeds went from 3.6Mb/s to 4.3Mb/s. Here are the before and after pictures.  BEFORE   AFTER

05/11/05 -- Grades are finally in, I'm on the Dean's List again!

05/10/05 -- Picture Gallery filter added. Now you can look through my Picture Gallery while at work without seeing something you shouldn't see at work!

05/09/05 -- Hair is cut! See comparisons here!

04/20/05 -- Happy 420 Everybody! Read about my fun with an EarthLink representative here!

04/08/05 -- Half-Life 2 Expansion Pack is official!

03/26/05 -- PC Hardware for sale! Updated with new stuff, please buy it!

03/21/05 - 03/25/05 -- My Spring Break!

03/20/05 -- Things that DJDingo hates

03/09/05 -- Start of South Park Season 9

03/08/05 -- Seven-year anniversary for my stupid "djdingo" name! Also completed modem project.

02/26/05 -- Revamped entire site. Pages should now display correctly in Mozilla and with resolutions higher than 1024x768.

02/21/05 -- Took 070-290 for my 3rd time, PASSED! Woohoo!!!

02/06/05 -- Picture Gallery added! Get registered and upload pix today!

02/04/05 -- The beginning of! Moved from's free web space

01/26/05 -- Forums added! Get registered today!

01/10/05 -- First day of Spring semester 2005.

06/22/04 -- Started this site for personal use.


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