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My 29th Birthday Party

October 28th, 2006

This was a party for my 29th birthday party. I invited around 25 friends and only about 5 of them showed up. Pretty weak. Some said it was a bad weekend for a party because it was the weekend bars threw Halloween parties and Daylight Saving Time fell on that same night. Those of you that were invited and didn't show up, see if you get invited again! Grrr...Anyways, let me explain some of these pictures...

Before the party started, some chick rang our doorbell telling us that her job is trying to sell vacuum cleaners and if she gave one more demonstration, she'd win the prize, a trip somewhere. I felt nice and let her do her thing. She just had to vacuum a bit to show her boss. This chick was totally tweaking out, she was running around at 100mph. Besides that, she had a NICE ass! Her ass picture is below.

Lisa & Jason were the only ones to bring me a present, a black inflatable party sheep. There are a few pictures of me "testing" it out, LOL.

Other than that, it's everyone else playing pool and us getting drunk, enjoy!

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