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Getting drunk with cops

This might have been the coolest thing I got to do all year. My friend from work, Ian, his roommate's mom works for the police academy and every so often they need a group of volunteers to get legally drunk and have the new cadets do the sobriety tests on them to determine if they are under the influence. I was very excited for this day and it was a lot of fun. At my most "drunken-ness", the breathalyzer said I was at .125. Almost 13% of my bloodstream was alcohol. I was pretty buzzed but I didn't feel like I was completely smashed. We were only given 2 hours to drink, so it's kind of hard to put down over 10 beers in two hours, especially when they are ice cold! Here are some pictures I took for this glorious event. Sorry if some of the pictures are blurry. Enjoy!

Here is the letter I received a few days later from the police:

Also read my blog entry on How to beat sobriety tests.

Click each thumbnail to enlarge the picture.


Ian sitting on Bart's lap. This is BEFORE we even left to go drinking.


Me sitting on Bart's lap. Again, BEFORE we even left to go drinking.


Bart rockin' out on his awesome air guitar skills.


Mike and I in synchronized drinking. We didn't plan to both wear yellow shirts!


This is Bart making me wish I was a woman.


Our souvenirs for doing this. A pen, keychain, and breathalyzer mouthpiece. I already lost the keychain.


The 3 breathalyzer machines, probably the gayest piece of computer equipment known to man. You have to blow INTO it for it to work.


Me hanging with the cop guys.


Me putting down another cold one...


...and it's gone.


Ian looks surprised in this picture.


Tara and Ian now making me wish that I was a woman.


Ian with the assist.


I'm drunk here, but I think I look normal...maybe that's a bad thing.


As you can see from Bart's nametag, his name is now "TRAB".


Me doing my Tom Green impression.


Group picture.


All the beers we drank. Those gray containers on top were FULL of the beers beforehand.


Me acting sober.


Another blurry group pic.


Ian humping Alyce.


Bart humping Tony.


The instructor is flashing "west side" while I'm doing "the shocker".


Same thing, but I like this version of "the shocker" better. hehehe


Male it what you want, I'm still guessing.



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Drinking with the police