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My School Schedule

Fall 2005  
MCSE305 Implementing Network Infrastructure
GPA= 4.0% (President's List)

Spring 2005

MCSE312 Designing Microsoft Directory Service
MCSE314 Designing Security for Microsoft Networks
MCSE316 Designing Microsoft Network Infrastructure
MCSE375 Implementing an SQL Database
CSCO350 CISCO Networking IV
GPA= 3.61% (Dean's List)

Fall 2004

MCSE310 MS Windows Prof/Server
MCSE320 Implementing Directory Service
CSCO340 CISCO Networking III
GPA= 3.55% (Dean's List)

Summer 2004

ITNA330 Network Applications
ITNA332 Network Applications Lab
ITNA351 Linux Network Administration
GPA= 4.0% (President's List)

Spring 2004

ITNA320 Advanced Cisco Networking
MCSE315 Managing Microsoft Windows Network Environment
NECP304 Web Design II
DATA335 Excel
OFFC351 Access
GPA= 4.0% (President's List)

Fall 2003

MGMT203 Human Relations in Business
ITNA310 Intro to Cisco Networking
DATA318 C++ Programming
NECP301 Web Design I
GPA= 3.76% (Dean's List)

Summer 2003

ECON101 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENGL410 Communication Skills
HTCT364 Microcomputer Systems
GPA= 3.66% (Dean's List)

Fall 1999

ELHT323 Technical Math II
ELHT332 Digital Electronics
ELHT364 Digital Electronics Lab
ELHT346 Microcomputer Operating System
GPA= 3.33%

Spring 1999

MATH092 Introductory Algebra
PHIL110 Introduction to Philosophy
PSCH101 General Psychology
SPCH110 Fundamentals of Speech
GPA= 3.07%

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