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My problems with having a website

Every now and then, I'll get an email from somebody trying to piss me off, or just try to take advantage of me. One day I received an email from somebody at The subject was "price" and it had an attachment to it as well. At first I thought it might be someone wanting to buy my domain name and they were offering me a price. But it wasn't until I looked at the attachment that I realized it was a virus. Of course I didn't run the virus and I was not infected. My anti-virus didn't pick it out though. But I knew it was a virus because it was an .exe file and the icon was that of the notepad program, so it looked like a .txt file. Some of my friends in class were very curious about it, so I gave it to them and they ran it on their school PCs. After checking things out, it looked like all this virus did was add a bunch of entries in the hosts file, so your Internet connection would basically stop working. The very next day, I ran a virus scan on it again, and this time my anti-virus picked it up and deleted it. After looking a bit further in to investigate, I found out that my anti-virus company released a patch for it the very next day after I got the virus, so this told me that this virus was brand spankin' new. I found all this to be funny, but I was a bit pissed that some asshole would send me a virus in the first place. So I did some looking around on the Net, and believe it or not, I ran across a picture of this guy! Click here to see it. So I decided to freak this guy out by replying to his email with subject "picture", and I attached his picture to it named by his name. Then I never heard anything back. But there is a chance that this is a spoofed email address also, and whoever doing this is doing it through the account, but I kind of doubt it, because the email I sent back to him was never returned undeliverable.

About a month or so go by, and I get an auto-response from his email provider saying that the same guy has tried to send me ANOTHER virus, but this time it was picked up by his provider's anti-virus system. Now it's war. This guy thinks I'm some retard who will open up any email attachment I get.

So I decide to do the "responsible" thing and report it to his ISP. I had a feeling that nothing would get done by it, but there's a slight possibility that by him sending out a virus, he would break this Terms of Service with EarthLink, and they would cancel his account. That would be funny to do to him, but I doubted it would get that far. So I decided to try anyways. I tried calling EarthLink about this before, but it's impossible to talk to a live person on their phone number. So this time I try again, but instead of calling, I use their "live Internet support". This conversation seems short, but the agent's replies were about 5 minutes apart. I hate slow IM typers! The conversation is as follows...

Live Support Conversation with Earthlink

Welcome to Earthlink LiveChat. Your chat session will begin shortly.

Not at home and you want to read your email? With EarthLink Web Mail you can check your email from any computer with an internet connection!

'Morton S.' says: Thank you for contacting EarthLink LiveChat, how may I help you today? Hi, im not an earthlink subscriber, but i am having troubles with one of your customers. this is the 2nd time that ive gotten an email from him with a virus attached, and i wanted to report this to you.

Morton S.: Let me know if you have received virus email from an EarthLink email address to your mailbox. i have, twice already. once today, and once about a month ago, from same earthlink person. or do you mean you are sending me an email right now?

Morton S.: I am sorry for the confusion. so what are you doing? hello?

Morton S.: This sounds like a person who has your email address has been infected with the KLEZ virus. This W32/Klez variant has the ability to spoof the email FROM: field. The senders address used by the virus, may be one that was found on the infected user's system. Thus, it may appear that you have received this virus from one person, when it was actually sent from a different user's system.
Eventually, this will stop because the person who has the virus on his/her computer will discover it and clear it out or it will actually mess up their computer so much that it won't work. In the meantime, you can trash the messages on your end and have us periodically trash those that are left on the server for you. can't you check their acct to see if they are sending out viruses and breaking your TOS?

Morton S.: I am sorry, it is not possible to check the accounts or mailboxes. I'd believe your response, but this has happened twice so far, and about a month apart. The person doing this has the same screen name as I do, but his email is and mine is not.

Morton S.: It seems that your email address is added in the address book of the email address, you have received the email But I don't know this person at all.

Morton S.: You can send an email to the email address and ask the sender to delete your email address if it is present in the Address Book. This guy wants to infect my computer so he can get my passwords and hack my website. Asking him to delete my email from his address book won't fix this problem.

Morton S.: Please let me inform you that if the senders computer is affected the Klez virus the emails are sent automatically. So is this what Earthlink does? Instead of taking action and investigating the problem, or putting a note on their account, they just shoot off some lame excuses to cover up for their flaws and security problems?

Morton S.: I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Morton S.: I suggest you to send the email you received with the header information to But if this person is infected with the Klez virus I don't want to get them in trouble.

Morton S.: Okay, please let me inform you that you will stop receiving the email once the sender checks it and clear the virus. Ok I'll do that. I wanted to say Earthlink must be a great company to work for! They seem very diverse by hiring retarded people to work the Internet chat support!

Morton S.: I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. That's ok, I forgive mentally challenged people. It's not you fault you were born retarded. Thanks for your help!

I was seriously laughing till I cried after I did this. I'm not sure if I'll forward that email to the abuse email address or not. Nothing will get done anyways. All I wished to accomplish by making this page was to entertain my readers, and to let the other djdingo know that his attempts of breaching my security are flawed and about as lame as you can get. But if he is reading this, I would like to tell him that this website isn't being hosted at my house, it's through a hosting company, so maybe that will help you out in giving up your desperate mission. Oh, and the virus that he was trying to send the 2nd time was actually a Trojan.Tooso.F virus, not the Klez virus as the retarded EarthLink rep told me.

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